Good time! I have decided to write a list, which is intended to help you decide on the choice of your architect. Appreciating your and my time, I want to make it easier for you to find your own architect.


So, if you have received a reliable recommendation from a person who passed, and most importantly, who completed the construction and after that kept relations with his architect — a good recommendation.


Portfolio Not the most important .  Moreover, even in a good, high-quality photos do not feel that the main thing: The ergonomics, co-scaling — the most important for a high-quality, handy interior; strong functional zoning — the basis for a handy planning solution, which, in turn, is reflected in the space, the arhitecture.


Experience, knowledge and your feeling that you understand — the beginning of discourse with the architect. Remember, the architect to whom you turned — inadvertently disorder the budget of your building, and if you were wrong, then from the expected cottage can come out of the shed.


Now about the price and stylistic tension in which I work. Price. First of all you must realize that a student, a young professional will be cheaper than the famous architect, but there is also a golden mean. In this case, the risks are proportional.


  About the style in which I work. Just as a musician can play different parts, so an architect can work in different styles. It does not matter what I like, it is important that the vision you came to me, was designed in accordance with your wishes and my professional experience.


The most important thing. At the time when you choose me, I choose you. It is not the fault I work for that matters as much as the idea that we both have to understand. 







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